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Do you take care of your own pool maintenance? Then this is the right company for you. We offer a selection of proven and reasonably priced equipment and supplies. If you would prefer a professional to take care of your pool, just click here.




Having the proper heater sized for the pool is extremely important and we offer only the best heaters in the business based on our experience.  Whether you have an electric or gas heater, we can provide you with a quality installation that fits your budget.  Call today for details.
Control Systems
We offer all common control systems for time-controlled heating, chemical cleaning, lighting, and flow systems. With just the push of a button, you can control everything in your pool and, if you so choose, even from your laptop on the road. 

Color-changing pool and spa lights produce brilliant underwater color lighting effects. What is your favorite color? Now night swims can reflect both your color of choice and mood. Our systems will light up your night, with eight enticing fixed colors and an unprecedented seven electrifying color-changing shows. Our systems are very energy-efficient. They require 60 percent less energy than traditional light and last longer, minimizing replacement costs and disposal.